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OUR Reviews speak for themselves

“From my first visit Dr. Cheng put me at ease. I was worried that my two previous dentists had left me with a lifetime of pain. Dr. Cheng cared about helping me. I now have a bridge that fits and doesn't make me scream in pain.”

“If you have to go to a Dentist, this is the one to go to. I have been coming to this Dental Group for over 20 years and would not think of going anywhere else.”

“Dr Thorburn and Vicki looked at my trouble spot and in my serious root canal was a deep cavity. They filled it (numbed me completely) and my tooth looks beautiful. Dare I say I actually didn’t mind it. Best dental experience I’ve ever had.”

United Concordia Dental Insurance

At Hulen Dental, we are proud to provide in-network dental insurance coverage for patients with most of the United Concordia dental benefit plans. We know our patients invest in their dental insurance coverage, and we want to help them make the most of their benefit plans. If you’re a member of a United Concordia Preferred, Flex, or Plus, we have an agreement with these plans to optimize your insurance coverage, and if you’re a member of Concordia plans that aren’t listed or another PPO dental insurance that we are not in-network providers for, we will still be happy to process and file your dental insurance claims. If you have questions about your dental benefit plan or need to schedule an appointment, contact our caring Fort Worth dentistry team today. We’ll be happy to help you with all of your dentistry needs.

Benefits of In-Network Dental Care

PPO dental insurance providers establish fees they consider to be regular and fair for specific dentistry services. In-network providers agree to charge the fees set by insurance plans, so patients will only need to pay their percentage of treatment costs out of pocket. Providers who are not in-network can charge any treatment cost, but the benefit plan will only cover the percentage of their preset fair and usual costs. That means patients will need to pay the difference between the two prices out of pocket. However, these plans are flexible, so you can always choose to visit any dentist and receive any treatment, and a PPO plan will still cover a percentage of the costs of these treatments.

Dental Insurance Coverage Basics

Another important aspect of maximizing your dental benefits is understanding the basics of PPO insurance plans. First there are premiums, this is the monthly payment that you and/or your employer will need to pay for your treatment plan. Insurance plans determine this pricing based on the usual annual costs of preventive dental care in your area. The premiums should defray these costs for your insurance provider. Every plan also has maximums. A maximum is the highest amount your dental benefit plan will pay for your care in any one plan year. The average plan maximum for United Concordia clients is $1000.

Maximizing Your Benefits at Hulen Dental

Our dental office practices dentistry focused on prevention. The goal is to keep patients’ smiles healthy, so they will be able to retain their natural smile for life. All dental treatment plans are personalized to meet patients’ unique needs, but regular dental checkups are the backbone of every plan. Best of all, United Concordia dental benefit plans typically cover between 80 and 100% of the cost of these preventive services. By keeping up with your regular preventive treatment appointments, you’ll receive the maximum insurance coverage and avoid the need for more advanced services that are covered at lower percentages by benefit plans.