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April 13, 2010

Look in the mirror…worn front teeth









In our fast-paced society, with the stresses of work, family, health issues, finances and the struggling economy, many people take out their stress on their teeth.  Some signs of nighttime teeth grinding can be: waking up with sore jaws, frequent headaches, generalized pain from one side of your face, tightness in the jaws, sensitivity of the majority of your teeth or your teeth just ache in general.

Some studies have shown that people can put up to 3-4 hundred pounds of pressure on teeth when grinding or clenching!  Imagine the long-term effects this could have on your teeth.  If you look in the mirror at your teeth and you see signs of wear (see photo above), it’s time to ask your dentist what options there are on having a mouth guard made. 

A mouth guard can help protect your teeth from the damaging forces of grinding and clenching.  A mold of your teeth are made at the first visit.  The molds are sent to a dental lab where a form-fit mouth guard is made. Then in approximately 2 weeks, your dental office will fit you for the guard and make necessary adjustments.

March 25, 2010

Teeth grinding can destroy teeth, A nightguard can help!










Teeth Grinding or “Bruxing” is one of the most destructive forces to teeth.  What makes it so destructive is that most people aren’t even aware that they are doing it.  The photo above shows what can result from not being proactive when you have a grinding habit.

With the stresses of today’s world, many people take out that stress on their teeth while they’re asleep.  Studies have shown that the jaw muscles can generate up to 5-6 hundred pounds of pressure on the teeth!  Some people even find that they are clenching or grinding during the day.  Ever find yourself with teeth clenched together tightly as you’re concentrating at work or perhaps stuck in traffic to/from work?

The good news is, whether you feel that you are grinding/clenching or your dentist finds evidence in your mouth that you are doing so, a form-fit mouthguard can be made to help protect your teeth.  A mouthguard will not make you stop your habit but it will surely help protect your teeth from the destructive forces of bruxism.  It only takes two visits:  The first visit is to take molds of your teeth.  The models of your mouth are then sent to a dental lab where a precision-fit mouthguard is made to fit your teeth.

A mouthguard (also called a nightguard) cost around $400-500.  This is a small price to pay for the amount in dental work it can help you save from having as a result from chipping/wearing away your teeth!

If you find yourself waking up with sore jaws, or you seem to breaking/chipping teeth all the time, if you have constant “tension headaches,” or if all of your teeth are sensitive to cold or just sore all the time, chances are, you are grinding/clenching at night.

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After- What a difference after full mouth reconstruction!


February 5, 2009

Preventive Dentistry and Dental Cleanings are very important

Healthy teeth and gums are crucial for optimal oral health. Don’t let offenders like decay, gum disease, and oral cancer rob you of a fantastic smile. Dr. Stovall and Dr. Cheng can  stop these smile-stealers with comprehensive general  dental care

We recommend that you come in for a thorough checkup and cleaning every six months so that we can prevent dental problems in the early stage, before they create significant damage. In your checkup, if we find that you suffer with frequent headaches or jaw pain, we’ll study your jaw position and may recommend an oral appliance to relieve TMJ dysfunction or teeth grinding. For snorers, we offer an oral appliance that positions the jaw forward to allow free airflow and alleviate snoring and sleep apnea. Our athletic patients will benefit from a custom-made mouthguard to prevent oral injuries in the game and on the field. Dr. Stovall and Dr. Cheng can also check wisdom teeth and perform minor oral surgeries in the comfort of our office. So whatever your general or preventive dental need, we have you covered!

Make dental care a priority. Take a moment to review our general and preventive dentistry options, and then call our Fort Worth office to schedule your appointment with Dr. Stovall or Dr. Cheng. We provide quality dental care to residents of Granbury Weatherford, Benbrook, and surrounding areas.