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March 31, 2010

Don’t delay getting that broken tooth fixed!

Broken ToothA tooth breaks, chips or feels loose…but it doesn’t hurt.  We see it in the dental office everyday, small problems that turn into big problems down the line.  When a tooth breaks or feels loose, something has been compromised and if it’s not fixed immediately, bigger problems can occur such as infection, more tooth structure can break off or you could even lose the tooth altogether.

The key is: Don’t delay.  At the first sign of a problem, see your dentist.  Many times, you can actually SAVE yourself money by getting treatment quickly.  You could possibly avoid, for example, having to have a root canal or losing the tooth (in which case you would have to replace the missing tooth with a bridge or implant).

Call your dentist today or call our office at 817-292-5957.  Our office is in Fort Worth, Texas.  For more information, visit us at

March 27, 2010

See For Yourself!

Time and time again, our patients will say after their first visit with us: “I’ve never had an exam like that before!  That was Great!”

Why?  All because at the end of their comprehensive exam, we give them a “tour of your mouth” with the intraoral camera.  You see what we see, except better: Try your teeth magnified 10 times on a television screen!  All doubts erased and everything face-value for what it is.









I’ve always said, I wish my mechanic had a camera to show me why he had to make a repair on my car.  Without a picture, I’m completely at his mercy and can only hope that he’s being honest with me.  At Stovall & Cheng, DDS, a picture says a thousand words.  You are literally in “partnership” with us in seeing why we give a particular recommendation. 

Isn’t technology great in 2010?  You deserve to be in an office that utilizes the latest technology to do great dentistry and to give you a comfortable, informed experience.  With a camera just a little larger than a ball point pen, see for yourself!









If you’d like to experience gentle dental care and unmatched patient-focused service, call us today!  817-292-5957 or visit