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April 7, 2010

Invisalign, straight teeth in just a year!














Would you like straight teeth?  Don’t want braces?  Then Invisalign is for you!  In just a year, this patient was able to have the smile he always wanted!  Visit us at or our Facebook page to see the rest of our before and after Invisalign photos!

March 13, 2010

Invisalign helps open bites from tongue thrust

Do you have an open bite from tongue thrust?  Invisalign can help with getting your teeth back together, depending on the severity of your space.  The patient shown in the following pictures had already gone through braces for several years but the teeth relapsed.  After only 6 months of Invisalign treatment at our office, we were able to put her front teeth back together!  To make sure they stay in place this time (and also to fight the forces of her tongue thrusting habit), we placed a thin metal bar on the back sides of these teeth that are obviously not visible.  Call us today for a free Invisalign consultation! 817-292-5957

Before InvisalignAfter Invisalign

September 2, 2009

NOW is the time!

Delaying treatment only makes it worse and more expensive.  Now is the time!  Call today and at least find out more information about your present problem and then you can make an informed decision on which direction you’d like to go.  Knowledge is power we can provide you with all the information you need to feel comfortable in your decision.

We have an intraoral camera we can use to show you the problem area.  In a matter of seconds, you can actually see your own teeth on the TV screen!  This takes out any “guessing” as to what is really happening and you don’t have to take our word for it when you can see it for yourself.  Come experience our office and get the treatment you deserve!

If the cost of dental treatment worries you, we have many ways to make the cost of treatment fit into your budget.  There is the option of monthly, interest-free payments as well as discounts for paying cash and senior discounts also.  Visit our website at and see for yourself why our office should be your next dental home.