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OUR Reviews speak for themselves

“From my first visit Dr. Cheng put me at ease. I was worried that my two previous dentists had left me with a lifetime of pain. Dr. Cheng cared about helping me. I now have a bridge that fits and doesn't make me scream in pain.”

“Recently had to get a crown. Dr. Stovall was very concerned about my comfort and made the whole process painless and quick. I received a phone call then next day making sure that I had no problems.”

“Dr. Thorburn is a new dentist here and he is absolutely wonderful! He truly cares about the health of his patients.”

Trusted Aetna Dentist in Fort Worth

Are you and your family covered under an Aetna dental insurance plan? Finding a dentist who is in-network with your provider is key to making the most out of your investment in your oral health. There is good news: your trusted Aetna dentist in Fort Worth is at Hulen Dental! Keep reading to find out more about how dental insurance works, what your plan covers, and how you can make the most out of your benefits when you visit Drs. Stovall, Cheng, and Thorburn.

How Does Aetna Dental Insurance Work?

Having dental insurance doesn’t just help you prevent cavities and other oral health issues. Because your smile is an integral part of your systemic well-being, dental insurance actually helps you and your family enjoy better overall health for a lifetime to come. Like any other dental insurance plan, the goal of Aetna dental insurance is to keep the need for costly, complex dental care at bay through regular prevention.

When you visit our office for a service that is fully covered, no money exchanges hands. For anything that is not completely covered, you simply pay the amount due at the time of your appointment. We’ll file the claim and receive the payment on the back end.

What Does My Aetna Plan Cover?

The specifics of your Aetna dental insurance plan depend on what you have chosen and the amount you pay as a premium each month. Your benefits will include two preventive checkups and cleanings annually, as well as a set of X-Rays every year. Topical fluoride treatments and dental sealants may be included, too. During the regular exam, your doctor may locate a cavity, worn dental work, or another issue requiring restorative care. If so, your dental insurance plan should cover up to 80% of the cost of care.

Elective treatments like cosmetic dentistry are typically not covered under dental insurance plans. And even though they are the most effective tooth replacement currently available, dental implants usually do not receive coverage. We always advise patients to make decisions based on what is best for their oral health.

How Can I Make the Most Out of Aetna Dental Insurance?

Too many adults let their dental insurance benefits slip away because they are unclear exactly what they are covered for. Don’t let that happen to you! Talk to your Aetna representative or your employer’s human resources department to understand how your plan works. Our team of representatives can also help you work through the details of your dental insurance.

Because two checkups and cleanings are covered annually, make sure you are scheduling and attending these regular visits. Preventive care is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth and gums -- and since it’s free, you don’t really have an excuse to skip out on your six month dental visit!

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Are you in need of a dentist who is in-network with your Aetna dental insurance? Find your new dental home at Hulen Dental, where we’ll always work to maximize your benefits. Request an appointment today!